African Wildlife Foundation
Amphibian Declines in Australia
Audubon International
Australasian Wildlife Management Society
Bat Conservation International
BirdLife International
Bushmeat Project - Save the Great Apes
Canid Specialist Group
Center for Biological Diversity
Cheetah Conservation Fund
Chelonian Research Foundation - turtles
Crocodilians: Natural History & Conservation
Defenders of Wildlife
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Fauna & Flora International
Gibbon Conservation Center
Iguana Specialist Group 
IUCN/SSC Cat Specialist Group
IUCN/SSC - Cat Species Information
IUCN - Red List of Threatened Species
IUCN - The World Conservation Union
Kiwi Recovery Programme
Madagascar Fauna Group
Manatee - Satellite Tracking in Belize
Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre - N. Z.
National Wildlife Federation
Nature Conservancy
Nature Kenya - Action for Biodiversity Conservation
New Zealand Department of Conservation
Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
NRDC - Save Endangered Wild Places
Orangutan Conservancy
Otter Survival Fund
Point Reyes Bird Observatory
Quagga Project - South Africa
Seal Conservation Society
Sierra Club
Threatened Animals - searchable database
Tiger Fund | Wild Tiger Conservation
Wildlife Trust
World Conservation Monitoring Centre
World Wildlife Fund - Global Network
Zoological Society of London

Monkey-Eating Eagle